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Across the five sectors of Yala National Park, we are gifted with a diversity of habitat, ecology, and landscape. As a mission, we want to exhibit the entire diversity of nature, from our geology, our flora richness to our wild creatures. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

It is not unusual to come upon the ruins of old civilizations, as well as ancient jungle monasteries, archaeological sites, and places of worship, hidden away in the dense forests of our nearby national parks.


Camping excursions

At Yala PEace Cottages, you’ll experience the beauty of mother nature in an unparalleled setting. Prepare to be amazed by her beauty, and marvel at the exquisite gifts. Yala PEace Cottages you away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Instead, it opens a pathway for you to reconnect with nature.



Yala Peace Cottage is located in close vicinity to some of the best places in the world acclaimed for bird watching. The serene Bundala National Park and Kumana Bird Sanctuary are not more than an hour’s drive from the hotel for you to capture a glimpse of the most gorgeous birds in the world.


Kirinda Beach

Being far from the beaches of the renowned down-south coastal stretch doesn’t mean you cannot soak-in the sea. Half an hour’s drive away from the camp, in our own jeeps, is the Kirinda beach. A perfect location for a sea bath on a hot afternoon. After cooling off, you may want to take a quick walk down the annals of history, and discover the facts behind the legend of Sri Lanka’s most revered King, whose story begins on Kirinda beach nearly two millennia ago, who grows up in the surrounding little kingdom of his father – the provincial king, before he marches the then seat of power, Anuradhapura, in the North Central province to defeat the mighty Chola armies of South Indian origin, after nearly a century of rule.


Yala National Park

Go on a half or full day safari to Yala National Park in our own, safari ready jeeps. Our well-trained and experienced jeep drivers will take you through the trails of the big game – the elephant & leopard and ever elusive sloth bear. If bird watching is your



Dating back to a history of over 2200 years, the Sithul Pawwa rock temple is identified as one of the greatest 2nd century monuments of Buddhist scholarship. The modern name Sithul Pawwa is derived from the ancient term “Cittal Pabbata” which carries the meaning, “The rock of the tranquil mind”.



There are still remnants left of the palaces and the irrigation works and temples. Most significant and mysterious of these religious sites is Kataragama, which is a 45 minute drive from the Yala Peace Cottages, where, to date thousands of pilgrims flock to worship Lord Skanda (Murugesh), one of the key Hindu deities. Like today, mysteriously, the predominantly Buddhist Kings and armies of the Ruhuna kingdom first went to seek the blessings at the shrine of Lord Skanda in Kataragama, before marching on to fight the South Indian invaders, who were predominantly Hindu themselves. So, beyond the wild life there is a lot of mystery and history to explore, and discover how a tiny kingdom of not much significance went onto play such an important part in the glorious history and civilization of ancient Sri Lanka.


Take a vacation to Yala National Park, which is home to one of the greatest leopard populations in the world, to get a glimpse of these elusive cats.

Sri Lanka’s diverse wildlife culture, gorgeous southern coast, and everything in between will leave you spoiled for choice.

It’s no secret that Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s second biggest national park with a total area of 1268 sq km of lagoons, beaches, and plains, is home to a diverse array of species, including elephants, sloth bears, eagles, and many more. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see all of these marvelous destinations and exotic creatures.

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